WEB DESIGN – A happy client means more business

WEB DESIGN – A happy client means more business

Web design can be a very rewarding career but also very frustrating a times. What makes web design frustrating?

The two major factors for web designer’s frustration:

1) When all of a sudden you can not get a hold of the client because of other responsibilities running the business

2) When client can not come to an agreement with the other owners of the business on basic things like look and feel of new website, audience to target, products to promote, etc., etc.

A good web designer will be able to get the client to agree on setting the working parameters right from the beginning so that the web design process moves smoothly and without delays.

Write a list of things for both, the client and the web designer to follow in order to accomplish the goal in the least amount of time as possible.

A happy client means more business.

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