Why you should use email marketing

Why you should use email marketing

Email campaigns are one of the most cost effective marketing tools, emails are free for the consumer and as a business owner you don’t have to invest money on new software or technology.

According to the recent studies, on average, people who will check an email campaign using a mobile device is now 47%, while 9% use desktop to check an email campaign and 26,1% use webmail, which means that nearly 3 out of 5 email messages from retailers are being opened and read.

A lot of consumers seek out email campaigns from their favorite retailers or online stores, usually email marketing campaigns come with email coupons and consumers know now that they can save money by shopping online, instead of shopping in-store or, at the mall. Coupons are very important in your marketing campaigns.

Although email marketing has been around for a while, it still remains as a very effective online marketing tool and it is relatively easy to get launched.

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